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June 2019 Newsletter

Got Oils in Your Pantry?

Well, it’s over a month since we released the May 2019 Grove Club selections.  If you’ve still got oil or balsamic in those bottles, we thought maybe we could provide some inspiration…get ideas here!




What’s All This Sustainable Agriculture Stuff?

You will be hearing us talking a lot about sustainable agriculture over the next few months.  Click here to find out more!





Be a Defect Detective!

Quality defects in oils sold here in the US are a rather large problem.  Could you detect them? Click here to learn how.





On The Farm

Tomato season is nearly upon us at Il Fiorello…find out what that means here!





There’s isn’t anything extra to go with these flower pictures from our garden.  We just thought they were pretty!!




From the March 2019 Newsletter:

We’re Big on Sustainability! 

At Il Fiorello, we’re big on sustainability.  We’re big on maintaining our farm’s organic certification.  We’re big on quality.  We’re big on reusing, recycling, upcycling, and composting, BUT…read more!

Saving Oil for a Special Occasion

Good food should be an everyday special occasion.  We asked our Chefs to put on their “thinking toques” to come up with some suggestions using seasonally available produce.  Read more here.

Wait ’til you hear this!!

We are so excited and happy to share some really excellent news…click here for details!

What is the OOCC?

Read more about how and why this organization is helping consumers of olive oil here.


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