What’s All This Sustainable Agriculture Stuff?

You will be hearing us talking a lot about sustainable agriculture over the next few months.  Late in August, we will one of many venues here in Suisun Valley who will be celebrating the harvest season, and we will be using that event as a way to promote the concept of sustainability, and to educate our visitors about sustainable agriculture.  If you’re local to Suisun Valley, please mark your calendars for Sunday, August 25, for our Harvest Celebration.  It will be a fun…educational…and free family-oriented event.

But what is sustainable agriculture, and why is it important here at Il Fiorello?  Sustainable agriculture is “a system (of farming) that can indefinitely sustain itself without degrading the land, the environment or the people. It reflects our concern with the long-term viability of agriculture.”  This quote is taken from the Western SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) Program website.  There’s a link below to their web page with the rest of the information they provide on sustainable agriculture.   To paraphrase, sustainable farming is good for the land, good for the environment, and good for the people who either work the land or benefit from that work. 

Western SARE – Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Program

Here at Il Fiorello, we’re a farm, not a factory.  We farm responsibly, caring for the land, the trees, the environment, and for our people, and that includes you.  Yes, it’s harder than traditional farming methods, and farming is hard enough as it is, but we do it because being good stewards of the Earth matters to us, a lot…and so do you.   As members of our Grove Club community, and consumers of our products, we think that how, and why, we produce sustainably farmed olive oil is probably important to you as well, and we thank you for that.

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